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Don’t trust fear.

Be honest with yourself—because this is a long read if you’re not honest.

How much does fear inform your brand-building decisions?

I’ll wait. It’s okay. It’s just you and me right now, and I can’t really hear you.

Fear seems to lurk around every decision we make, especially right now in our world. It dominates the news. It drives our media, TV and social feeds. It’s in our community, under our bed, in our closet. It’s even on our food (have you seen how hot your morning cup-of-coffee is?).

And since I’m in advertising, much to my disappointment, it’s quickly becoming the dominant marketing strategy you see. Mind you, not the strongest strategy, just the easiest. If your customers take advertising too seriously they might begin believing they are not smart/sexy/clean/fast/friendly/attractive/pretty enough if they don’t use this product. They might die if you don’t try that pill. They might even die if they do. Fear this. Fear that. Buy this to fight that fear. We are speaking to the lizard brain and the lizard brain only has two choices: Not hope. Not care. Not inspiration. Fight. Or. Flight.

The fear is far too pervasive. Even too persuasive. The fear is often there before we write the brief. It’s viral and if we are not careful, we won’t even notice it’s there. How can we not trust it? It’s a close, ever present influencer.

What if we do the wrong thing?

What will we lose if we act?

What’s the cost? What are the repercussions?

What happens if we make a mistake?

What if we look bad? Will we lose credit, lose ground?

What if they don’t like it?

So, we stop and we wait.

We listen to that fear and hold desperately to the status quo.

Because, fear limits our possibilities, our ability to move forward.

We trust that fear when it speaks to our personal lives. We listen when it whispers to us about our failures.

We trust that fear when it speaks to our communities. We listen when it whispers about differences.

We trust that fear when it speaks to our plans. We listen when all it wants to do is stop us from succeeding.


What if we trust in courage? Optimism? Confidence?

The world is ready.

Your customers are ready.

Your community is ready.

Your boss is ready.

Your friends are ready.

YOU are ready.

You might even be closer than you think. Take another moment. Just one more. What was the last big idea you were excited about that you didn’t act on? Does it still excite you? What stopped you? Better yet, what is stopping you now? Don’t let it be fear, we’ve come so far. Maybe it was someone else’s fear that stopped you, or maybe you just didn’t know where to get started. Or maybe you just needed a little nudge. A little help.

What if it is the right thing?

What will we gain if I act?

What’s the cost on no action? What are the repercussions?

What happens if we make the play?

What if we look good? What happens when we gain credit, gain ground?

What if they do like it?

Matter of fact, let us help. Let us nudge you. Let THIS be that nudge. We’re got a record of getting things rolling, making things happen and finding solutions.

Maybe you’ll fail a little bit—it’ll do you good, I promise. Besides, you don’t really have a lot to lose when you remember you have everything to gain.

- We at Stack love a challenge—even if it’s challenging that fear. We’re good at listening and we’re looking for opportunities. We are better at collaboration, and we stopped listening to fear. We only look for hope. Glory. Opportunity. Results.

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