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Connecting Brands Together for a Common Good


Any farmer or rancher will tell you the same thing. They view themselves as temporary caretakers of the land they work. In many situations, that land has been passed down from generations before them and they recognize sustainable practices are key to ensuring the next generation’s success.


The problem with the word “sustainable”? There’s no legal definition for it; anyone can claim an operation or practice is “sustainable” even when it’s not. That’s why a number of beef industry stakeholders formed the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB). Five groups—producers, allied industry, packers/processors, retail/food service and civil society—set out to define what sustainability means in the beef industry. Like the typical ranchers and farmers they represent, USRSB didn’t wait for the government to intervene. They did what was necessary to define, advance, support and communicate the value of the sustainable beef industry.


Our job? Educate producers on the mission of the USRSB, dispel commonly-held myths, create brand awareness and drive membership. You know, marketing. And we started with a campaign that connected the land with the people who work it.


We traveled across four states, partnering with the farmers and ranchers along the way. We planned, shot and edited video that captured the essence of USRSB and those it supports. We were even asked to attend strategy meetings and help facilitate creative brainstorm discussions between groups. Audience members included everyone from ranch hands to McDonald’s board members.

for Sustainable

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