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Billboards Are Extremely Effective.

No, Really—Here’s Proof.

Contrary to what you’d expect to find in a digital world full of TikTok videos, celebrity podcasts and BeReal photos, OOH advertising has actually increased in both reach and consumption since 2017. That growth is also projected to extend well into the future. And there are several  reasons why.  


For starters, billboards and posters provide incredible results at much lower costs than other tactics. Although roughly 48% of companies use them to drive brand awareness through strong, bold creative execution, there’s another key benefit to OOH—it’s generates brand trust. Seriously. Lots of it, in fact. In today’s world, what company doesn’t want that? 


Research by Nielson shows that over 56% of people surveyed trust the medium and almost 60% are likely to take action after seeing it. Makes sense, too. The public nature of OOH leads consumers to believe the brand’s message is true because only idiots would pay for an outdoor billboard full of lies.


That’s why we developed a unique OOH campaign for Pueblo Memorial Airport. Our client wanted to educate the local public on how quickly they could fly to Denver (in roughly an hour).  Why drive when you can easily fly there and back in the same day? The solution was as simple as the creative expression. We visually explained, as quickly as possible, that the in-flight entertainment would be a short experience. Simple connect-the-dot games. Easy crossword puzzles. Fill-in-the-blank challenges. By the time they were completed, you’d be landing in Denver, that message was even stronger if you were stuck in traffic along I-25.


Arguably one of the biggest mistakes we see clients make, especially B2C clients wanting to generate awareness as well as actual sales, is to neglect if not distain more tested efforts. Regardless of how digital our world becomes, people will still drive cars and walk sidewalks. And OOH will be there to educate them.


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