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F*ck traditional: the harder path.

It's a promise to never coast. To never repeat. To never switch over to auto pilot.

Look around: the world moves faster than it did yesterday. Ideas, fashion, trends, opinions, news come at you and your audience at a break-neck speed.


Your audience is more media-savvy than before—growing more so every day.


Follow the data. (Study. Learn what needs doing.)

Follow the audience. (Listen. Understand what they want.)

Follow the Trends, (Watch. Foresee the zietgiest.)

Then lead. (Trail blaze. Build the brand others want to emulate.)

Experiment. (Play. Expand your comfort zone and your audience.)

Explore. (Boldly go. Search for new territory, news.)

Discover. (Delight. What your brand can be.)

Grow. (Dream bigger.)

Profit. (Build bigger.)

That doesn't mean there isn't anything to learn from what was—just stop doing what everyone else is doing. Start thinking for yourself. Or call us to help you do that more.

F*ck Traditional. There are more exciting things to do with your resources.

Good Luck Out There, XOXO.

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