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Follow the Data

Want in on a little-known secret?

Contrary to popular belief...ideas don't magically appear—they are inspired by knowledge. Knowledge has roots in data. That isn't to say: data = ideas. Think of data as a raw ingredient. A starting point. A building block. A foundational element to build your brand. The better the data, the better the idea.

To better understand how to use data...let's break down the top five common misconceptions:

1️⃣ Raw data is insight—Nope, insight requires an understanding of data.

2️⃣ Insight is a strategy—Nope, insight is a why...strategy is more of a how. Data can help inform both.

3️⃣ Data can only come from research—Nope, it can be found everywhere. It just has to be useful, correct, supported, and more importantly, relevant to your brand.

4️⃣ Creatives don't thrive on data—Quite contrary. It serves to expand what is possible and helps us explore. Some may not simply understand what they are looking at.


5️⃣ All data is good—Not even close, that's why knowledge and insight are more important as an outcome than data to be able to discern the good from the bad. However, knowledge and insight can't exist without data.

Good Luck out there. XOXO

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