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Ideas are always at the center of successful campaigns.

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

The idea is central to Growing Brand Share + Building Market Share + Occupying Mind Share. This is why we pitch Ideas.

But, can you identify an idea?

Better yet, can you qualify an idea??

Can you quantify an idea???

( No sweat, most can't— but read this and you will 😁 ):

There are three key elements to every idea. The strategy, the audience and the action. (You already know each of these, this a quick reminder for the kids in the back of the class):

The strategy is the why you want to do the thing. The blueprint you intend to follow to achieve your goals. It starts with data. Data leads to insight. Insight informs a general what-we're-going-to-do to reach our goals. It's where to go when-all-hell-breaks-out...back to the strategy.

The audience is the who you are trying to influence. A.K.A.: your customers and prospects. Most often you're encouraging them to give you cash, or attention, or cash and attention (bonus). Learn all you can about them, where they are, what they want—AND the problems you’re solving for them.

The action is the what you are going to do. The tactics. The output. The creative. The delivery mechanism. In today's media environment, this too, can be overwhelming. Even down-right daunting. The only sure-fire rule you need to know in a make-your-own-rules ecosystem: Be memorable or be forgotten.


Strategy + Audience but no Action? Congrats! You've unlocked the ability to talk at your audience. They won't listen, but you can tell them all about the greatness of you and your product all the live-long day. You might be a great fit, but their attention is finicky—the world is full of shiny things more worthy of their time.

Strategy + Action but no Audience? You can rack up the awards and pat yourself on the back. Job well done. Your audience can tell you weren't interested in them and they'll return the favor! Talking to yourself always feels good—you can keep that, and your product, to yourself.

Action + Audience but no Strategy? Make 'em laugh, or cry, or cheer. What they won't do is buy. Jumping in without a plan is easier—if only it was effective-ier. Keep spending on individual, random tactics, and keep throwing your money away.


When you combine the who (audience), the why (strategy) and the what (action) then you have the only means to get to the how.

How are you going to make your marketing work? How are you going to achieve your goals? How are you going to find success? When you find common ground that connects the right strategy, and speaks to your audience in a way that stays with them…then you have the how to achieve your goals. That’s the power of the idea. Your message can reach your audience and be memorable—isn't that the only point of any marketing campaign???

The idea is always at the center of success stories. It’s the how. How are you going to grow your brand? How are you going to grow your share? How are you going to reach your goals? How are you going to increase profitability?


Now you know what an idea is—

and what to demand from the right agency partner.

Good luck out there. XOXO

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