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Stack creates share-able, attention-grabbing content that generates excitement, no matter your plan to market. It's certainly not easy, but at the end of the's what we do best—work that connects brands to people.



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1. Stack works with a Diverse Client Roster,

2. Connecting them to a Diverse Range of Audiences

3. Through a Diverse Range of Tactics.


Connect your strategy to your audience with a creative execution all your own. We do that by working with a wide-ranging portfolio of clients, each unique. Get brand-based social media content built with a purpose. That's what working with Stack gets you. 


Original content gets higher engagement rates—improve upon those results when you work to reach your audience in unexpected ways. 

Strauss Brands came to us looking to reach their audience in a more memorable way. Through research and discovery we learned their audience was over served appetizing visuals and recipes, so we presented a more appetizingly stand-out audio pitch. Not only did this approach maximize the impact of video, a medium that is as much sound as visual, but it raised more than a few eyes in the barnyard and more importantly, attracted the attention of the market and fields of consumers.


So much copy, so many visuals, so overstimulated so often. So, how to break through the clutter?

Humor! That and a real unique POV.


We worked with Priority Plastics to deliver entertaining daily drama to break through the daily scroll—the only drama this product promises to ever deliver. 

Facebook Ads_1200 x 628_Impassioned.jpg
Facebook Ads_1200 x 628_Gumption.jpg
Facebook Ads_1200 x 628_Fierce.jpg

Real women, with real superpowers, making real impacts in the job market.


We partnered with Advent Talent to embody their brand and embrace their unique company. A re-imagined brand, website and social presence helped attract the attention they needed for the growth they were looking for.


Social Media is more than just an audio/visual medium. Once you think of it as theater-of-the-mind the possibilities become endless!

Let your audience explore a wider range of considerations.

As a brand...isn't that more appealing than listing your Point-of-Difference Point-of-View?

What happens if instead of talking at the audience, selling them a finished product, you invite them behind the scenes to see how it's done?

Might you create some advocates? Don't you want some advocates?

That's what happened when we worked with Tumbleweed Tiny Homes to tap into the passion annd interest of the tiny home community.


As the digital space gets more cluttered, marketers are embracing new ways to stand out from competitors and engage with their audience—publishing long-form content on social media is one content marketing tactic to take advantage of, like we produced for Tumbleweed. We created an online, multi-episodic, shareable channel that showcased their innovation and discovery along the way.


Is it any surprise that we create content that is different? Not only does it better connect with the audience, it breaks through the clutter more when it is made for a who and a where at the same time.

Featuring your people in your social media efforts can reap many rewards beyond boosting your likes. 

Today, it gets harder and harder to find and retain good talent. Social media is one more way to embody your company culture, attract new talent to your team, and has a role in reducing employee turnover.

At Johns Manville, people are an important core tenant of their brand. Sharing and showcasing their familiar-to-customers faces was something both HR and Marketing could get behind!


Discovery, research and audience insights matter. And, they’re a great place to start. For Good Nature, we discovered the simple insight: consumers are overwhelmed with the choices of online recipes


What did these insights lead to—don’t do recipes. Instead; inform, entertain, educate. We decided to not compete but to stand out.


So as other brands tried to catch the scroll past all the noise in search of "what's for dinner" we caught the audience off-guard with more interesting how-to's to improve their cooking skills and their brand experience. 

We used the crowd to stand apart, and it worked.


The right place, the right time, still needs the right tools. 

Work with an agency that has all the right resources to create the right range of tools, because the right message in the wrong place never works like you thought it would.


Variety is the spice of life, and nowhere is that more relevant than your social media content. Mix it up, a blend of different content formats — video, blogs, stories, and so on — keeps your audience (and your content team) on their toes.


Videos are more likely to be shared on social media than any other type of content and convert at a significantly higher rate. This means that your video can reach a wider audience and help you build brand awareness. Studies show that video is shared 1200% more than images and text combined.

That of course is only true if the video is good (content and quality).  Here at Stack, we’ve been optimizing video to showcase our amazing network of clients, and colleagues to share how we think (see it here). We’d love to share what we’ve learned and help you with your video content.

Watch Now

Using influencers can increase your ROI, add credibility and trust, build awareness, connect with harder to reach audiences and so much more. Johns Mansville GoBoard partnered with Stack to show just what really good influencer marketing can look like.

No, there is no magic formula that will solve every challenge—but there are good practices that we tested, shown to help every brand. We're willing to bet, they'll help you too, even if you choose to not work with us.

One last thought. Social media has many uses—often in can do more than traditional marketing tools alone. Like in this example where JM both established it's position as a category leader by informing and educating. Not bad for a 150+ year-old company on a 20 year-old platform.

Start with a Strategy – With a long-view plan, you have focus on your established goals and ensures you are always driving where you want to go.


Know your Audience – Sure, you can build awareness and sell to lots of different audiences, but who meets the criteria of your Ideal Client Profile, what are their specific needs and struggles so make certain what you develop resonates with them—your customer.


Keep Quality in your Execution – Is your content and your social media efforts memorable and meaningful to your audience? It’s as important as why and where you do it.


Stay Consistent – Frequent + consistent messaging is arguably more important than ever, especially as a brands move into more and more very personal spaces.


Build in Variety – Staying fresh, using a blend of mediums or channels is as important as remaining top of mind in a very active environment.


Always be about Brand – If you are not brand building then what are you doing?


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