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Calculating ROI

Good work + time = Great results

You can’t cheat the system.

But you can tweak the formula:

Great work + time = Greater results

And often

Great work + time = Greater result faster

And luckily, you can add in consistency and adjust the outcome:

Great work (consistently) + time = Sustainably greater results

But then again if you are not careful you could get less than satisfactory results:

Less than good work + time = less than satisfactory results

And then there are the traps some fall into:

No work + Time = no results

Work + no time = limited results

No work + no time = questions as to why you would do this?

And finally, while time is the constant here,

you are encouraged to find a partner that lives up to the promise of

delivering great work consistently to improve your individual results.

Good luck out there. XO

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