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dissent v. disloyalty

I think it’s time we all heard this: It’s ok if we disagree.

It doesn’t make us disloyal.

That doesn’t mean we can’t find common ground; or we can’t share a common purpose.

And while life FEELS like dissent is disloyalty (and I am resisting the urge to make this reach beyond my reach) it’s the biggest key to our success: we will not always answer every request with yes.

Contrary to what you were told: Not every idea is a good idea. Not every customer is right. And it is ok to fail.

A bad idea, a wrong customer or a fear of failure will stunt growth, steal resources and delay (or prevent)

success. Our goal is your success, not to always agree with you.

What dissent can do is open new, more impactful directions. More meaningful conversations. Better solutions.

It relies on trust and understanding that we’re working together. Actually working. Actually together.

Good luck out there.

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