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The "Risk Adverse" Trap

“Times are tough and that’s too bold”

“That’s really creative but let’s wait until we know where things stand.”

“We better not go out on a limb in these times.”

“Let’s stick to something more conventional right now.”

Risk Aversion, it exists, and rightfully so, for lots of reasons. Lately, it’s associated with these headlines: thousands laid off at X,Y and Z, recession looming, budgets and all spending froze. The list goes on.

But are those headlines just the best excuses, right now, to play it safe and continue to swim in the sea of sameness?

There’s more than one way to succeed, to lead and to win. And the approach you and everyone else are following today was at one time bold, brash and unconventional. It allowed the team that said, “f*ck traditional” to stand out, stake a new claim, attract and engage their audience.

If you’re spinning your head, brainstorming with your team, looking, examining, trying to find a new way to approach your goals in 2023, we should talk.

Because at Stack, we approach each problem and each client uniquely, with a lens to the specifics of your business, your needs and your goals.

We explore options that make you think, encourage your audiences to smile and reflect, and bring the results you’re looking for.

But more than that, we have found that over the last 12 years this thinking is more fun, more engaging and consistently works for our clients.

Besides, that approach you’re considering…it’s already being used by the others.

F*ck Traditional; it’s who we are, what we do, and how we work each day.

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