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There is a very easy Venn diagram of marketing. On the left is what you (your brand) need to say. On the right is what the audience (your audience) needs to see.

In the center, where the two circles overlap, is the hardest place to successfully (and effectively) land in all of marketing.

It’s the elusive commonality of brands and people. Art and science. Understanding and intuition. Business and entertainment. Account and creative. Exploration and experience. Research and that undeniable gut feeling.

Or to be more blunt…a good f*cking idea. One so f*cking smart that it not only is f*cking impossible to ignore it’s f*cking impossible to NOT share.

And while a good f*cking idea seems pretty obvious once you find it, it’s a far-more-complicated ask than Mr. Venn makes it look. It takes information, insight, patience, trust and talent from ALL involved (agency and client, account and creative, art and copy, input and output, explorers and cartographers).

So yeah, we make it look easy.

But again, that’s what we do.

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